Applying for Student Government Loans

by Ronaldo on January 12, 2013

The process of applying for student government loans is quite simple. At least, most people who have done it will admit that applying for these government student loans tends to be simpler than applying for most other types of loans. All you have to do, if you are interested in taking student loans from the government, is fill in a standard form, known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can do this online, and it is actually recommended that you do this online. The website where you can find this form, fill it and submit it securely online is You will need to have your social security number to transact on this website. You can also print out the forms that constitute FAFSA, fill them out, and send them to the processing agency through the postal service. It is all up to you, though the latter approach means that somebody will eventually have to enter your data into the system, and that can be quite a bit of work. Direct online applications are recommended, as they reduce the workload on the other end (you have to keep it in mind that the Federal Student Aid agency processes more than 20 million applications per year).

Important details to provide in the application

There are several important details you will need to provide, when applying for student government loans. Those include:

  1. Your basic personal details: these include things like your name, your address, your date of birth, your state of residence, your social security number (which will serve as your unique identifier in the system) and so on.
  2. Your income details: a good number of student government loans are need-based. You thus have to supply your income details (those being also the details provided to the taxation agency, as they will be cross-checked). Your income details will influence your qualification for the need-based forms of government student aid.
  3. Your parents’ incomes details: when your application is eventually processed, you will be informed about the student loans (and other forms of student aid) you qualify for, as well as your expected family contribution. To figure out the latter aspect of expected family contribution, you will have to provide your parents’ income details, unless you are beyond the age where you can be viewed as a dependant to your parents.
  4. Details about the course you are interested in/course you are enrolled in: there are special forms of student aid available to students pursuing certain courses — for instance, those pursuing teaching courses and those pursuing nursing courses. That state of affairs is what makes course details necessary in the application. Furthermore, different courses tend to also differ in terms of tuition and auxiliary fees, meaning that students pursuing certain courses may require bigger sums of money, in terms of student government loans, than others.
  5. Details about the school(s) you are interested in/school you are enrolled in: you will have to provide a special school code for the school you are interested in/school you are enrolled in. you can search for these codes in the website where FAFSA forms are filled in and submitted, which is

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